I. Articles in Refereed Journals

“Unity and Synthesis in the Ego Ideal: Reading Freud’s Concept Through Kant’s Philosophy.” American Imago Centenary Issue, Fall 2012.

II. Articles in Edited Collections

“I Want to Know More About You: Knowing and Acknowledging in Cavell and Chinatown.Cavell and Aesthetic Understanding. Ed. Garry Hagberg. Palgrave Macmillan. forthcoming.

“The Space of Pathos: Meaning, Anxiety, and Ethics in Being and Time.” Existential Philosophy and Ethics. Eds. Hans Feger and Manuela Haeckel. De Gruyter, 2013.

Papers in Preparation

“Kant on Self-Conceit and Respect for Others.” (under review)

“Opacity and Indeterminacy.” (advanced draft)

“Drives and Second Nature in Freud and McDowell.” (advanced draft)


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