Brief C.V.

Department of Philosophy, Barnard College at Columbia University
326b Milbank, 3009 Broadway.  New York, NY. 10027
frussell (at) barnard (dot) edu

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
Barnard College, Columbia University

Postdoctoral Associate in Philosophy and the Humanities
Yale University                                                                                                                   

Moral Psychology
Moral Philosophy and its History
Kant’s Moral Philosophy

19th and 20th Century European Philosophy (especially Nietzsche)
Aesthetics, especially Philosophy of Film
Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy

Ph.D.   Philosophy. University of Chicago, 2011-2017
M.A.    Philosophy. New School for Social Research, 2006-2008
B.A.     Philosophy, Cinema Studies. University of Toronto, 2002-2005

Heyman Center Junior Faculty Fellow, 2023-2024
Newcombe Fellow, 2016-2027

I. Journal Articles

  1. “TBD.” Philosophical Topics. special issue on Stephen Mulhall. Forthcoming
  2. “Picturing the Mind: Methodology and Freud’s Metapsychology.” WestEnd: Neue Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung. Spring 2022.
  3. “Opacity.” The Philosopher: The New Basics. forthcoming.
  4. “How shall we put ourselves in touch with reality? James Baldwin, Film, and Acknowledgment.” Social Research. Vol. 81, No. 4. Spring 2021.
  5. “Kantian Self-Conceit and the Two Guises of Authority.” Canadian Journal of
    (2019. Vol. 50, No. 2, 268-283. DOI:10.1017/can.2019.15
  6. “Unity and Synthesis in the Ego Ideal: Reading Freud’s Concept Through Kant’s Philosophy.” American Imago (2012). Vol. 69, No. 3, 351-381. DOI: 10.1353/aim.2012.0020

II. Articles in Edited Collections

  1. “TBD.” The Philosophy of Recognition: Expanded Perspectives on a Fundamental Concept. Eds. Matt Congdon and Thomas Khurana. Routledge Series: Rewriting the History of Philosophy. (forthcoming)
  2. “The Opacity of Human Action” in Kant’s Fundamental Assumptions: Psychological, Methodological, and Normative. Eds. Colin McLear and Colin Marshall. Oxford University Press (forthcoming)
  3. “I Want to Know More About You: Knowing and Acknowledging in Cavell and Chinatown.
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  5. “Strange New Beauty: On Sublimation.” Cincinnati Romance Review (2013) 35:135-150.

III. Book Reviews

  1. Tamar Schapiro. Feeling Like It: A Theory of Inclination and Will. Oxford University Press, 2021. Philosophical Review. 131 (4):519-523 (2022)
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Work in Progress:
Opaque Animals: Self-Opacity, Agency, and Experience (book manuscript).

“Identifications and their Refusal: on Alice Diop’s Saint Omer.Los Angeles Review of Books. March 2023
“What it Means to Watch.” Boston Review. January 2023.
“It’s Over.” Los Angeles Review of Books Blog. August 2020.
“Film Comes to Mind.” Philosophical Salon, March 2020
“Last Man: On Claire Denis’ High Life. Los Angeles Review of Books, Nov 2018              
“Exercises in Self-Destruction: On First Reformed.” LARB, July 2018
“Haneke and the Technology of Intimacy.” Boston Review, April 2018.
“The Spirit of Things: On Personal Shopper.LARB, April 2017.
 “Roh, nicht medium.” Translation of “Unspeakable Appetites” for Der Freitag, March
“Unspeakable Appetites.” Lenny, March 2016
“An Education: On Barry Jenkin’s Moonlight.” Los Angeles Review of Books.
“The Politics of Self-Knowledge in Jason Bourne.” LARB, August.
“On the Movement for Lynching Memorials.” Lenny, June.
“Images to Work With, in Son of Saul.LARB, February.
“How to Be Together: Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years.” LARB, December.
“The Quietly Revolutionary Carol.” Lenny, November.
“Repetition and Difference in Two Days One Night.” LARB, December 2014.
“Kara Walker’s A Subtlety.” Los Angeles Review of Books, June 2014.


On Kant’s Dreams of a Spirit-Seer, Conference on the Young Kant. Northwestern University.

“Satisfaction in the Unexplained.” Panel on “Aesthetic Motivation.” American Society for Aesthetics. Washington, DC.
“Kant’s Fantasy.” Simon Fraser University, Philosophy Department Colloquium, Vancouver BC.
“Moral Psychology as Soul-Picture.” Humanistic Ethics Conference, King’s College London.
“Kant and Freud.” Berlin Summer Colloquium, Freie Universität, Berlin.
“The Secret: On Hitchcock’s, and Pippin’s Reading of Hitchcock’s, Shadow of a Doubt.” Princeton University Film and Philosophy Conference.

“Kant’s Fantasy.” Festschrift Conference in Honor of Gregg Horowitz, New School for Social Research.
“Kant’s Fantasy.” Bard College Philosophy Colloquium.
“Kant’s Fear of Fire and the Night.” The Wickedness of Freedom: Immorality and Reason after Kant. University Potsdam.
“Kant’s Fear of Fire and the Night.” Berlin Summer Colloquium, Freie Universität.
“Kant’s Fear of Fire and the Night.” Romanticism Workshop, Columbia University.
“Something you can’t get at.” Conference on Stephen Mulhall’s work for a volume in Philosophical Topics.
“Opacity and the Mind’s Reality.” Rice Workshop in Humanistic Ethics, Rice University.
“Opacity and the Mind’s Reality.” Amherst Philosophy Colloquium.
“Kant, Self-Conceit, and Anthropological Self-Knowledge.” North American Kant Society.

Columbia University/Barnard College
Barnard Senior Seminar: Freud and Philosophy
First-Year Seminar
Kant and Moral Psychology (co-taught with Patricia Kitcher) (graduate seminar)
Introduction to Philosophy
Moral Responsibility
Self-Opacity and Human Agency (graduate seminar)

Member of the Columbia Philosophy Department’s Committee for Diversity, Inclusion, Climate, and Equity

Yale University
The Concept of Recognition. Philosophy, Humanities (seminar)
Directed Studies Program, Philosophy section.
Self-Knowledge and Ethics. Philosophy, Humanities (seminar).

Pedagogy Instructor
Diversity Outreach Coordinator, Philosophy, University of Chicago.
Creating an Enabling Classroom. Chicago Center for Teaching, University of Chicago.
Diversity in the Classroom. Philosophy Pedagogy Program, University of Chicago.